Love Yourself: Be Selfish BUT Only About Yourself

Love yourself! You’ve probably heard this a million times. No, this is not an indication for you to be selfish about your situations and circumstances. This is about you being selfish only about yourself.

How are you loving yourself? Loving yourself is more than just the possessions you own. something deeper and it’s something more meaningful.
Did you know that you have four personality traits. When these traits are in perfect alignment, you are in harmony and have your balance. When they are at odds with each other, you experience stress.

Here they are:

Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. All these traits need nourishment. How are you igniting these traits, for they are waiting on you for fuller expansion and expression? How are you nourishing them?

We eat to nourish our bodies, but did you know that your mind is also a part of your physical body and so its quality of function does depend on how you fuel your body?

There is only one way to fuel it in a fashion that it will turbo charge your life.


Now this is called loving yourself.

That is the only way to rise above the status quo. Although you know deep down that times are never the same and therefore, your status will change. The question is, do you want to control the change, or do you want the change to control you?

If you are ready to take charge, please call and we can set off on an incredible journey to your transformation.

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