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Ryan Burkitt

, Home Sweet Homes Property Management Limited

Being part of a mastermind group with Meenal is very enlightening. Meenal has an excellent ability to cut through what people are ‘saying’ to get to the heart of the matter and focus on what they are actually meaning. She is then able to offer an inspired piece of wisdom that will help work through the issue and get on track. She is always positive, encouraging, and so full of gratitude and love for life – it is always inspiring to talk to her.


Brad Stevens

Founder and CEO, Enterholic - Fuelling Your Passion

“Often times when it comes to coaches, they don’t “walk the walk”.  Meenal is truly a deeply caring and genuine individual.  I’ve personally seen how she commits herself fully to her Clients because she deeply cares about them seeing results and progress. If you want someone who will engage you at a deep level and be committed to your success through the entire process then Meenal is your easy choice.”


Brian P. Bourgeois -Technology Consultant IV

BUR Data Protector Delivery Team Leader, DXC Technology

Meenal Vashishat is a talented and professional consultant.  While working with Meenal as partner and service provider, Meenal excelled with the technical deployment and support of our complex environment. Meenal also provided valuable mentorship and training services to our delivery team members for the standardized creation and delivery of our services.


Norie Ann Boltron

Data Scientist, Inspire Into Results, Inc.

Meenal is a Life Saver and a Life Changer!

I had such a great and positive experience with Meenal! When I’m talking to her, it’s just like I’m transported to a whole new dimension. A whole new world where everything that I want is right at my finger tips. Talking with Meenal always gives me a sense of relaxation that I can’t even explain in words. Her voice is so soothing and calming. Like I’m a totally different person when I’m with her. She inspires me in so many ways. She gave me so many inspiring words that push to me to work harder on my goals. Because of her, I can do everything.

I started the Thinking Into Results program 3 weeks ago. I’m doing one lesson every 2 weeks. And the good thing about it is that Meenal is always monitoring on my progress. She always asks me how’s it going? Did I learn something from the module, do I have any questions, things like that. It’s like I have a personal mindset coach who’s ready to rescue me all the time. Mind you, I’m still in Lesson Two but I have already gathered so much and found out so much about myself that I haven’t known in my 30 years of existence. I’m so grateful that I found Meenal! Thank you so much for coming into my life. I owe you what I am today and what I will become in the future.